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Senior LUA Developer - Smart Contract/DAO/DeFi

Seeking a Smart Contract/DAO/DeFi Developer and Cryptocurrency Specialist to work with our developers, product designers, architects, and other engineers to prototype and create new products and features for decentralized finance and cryptocurrency technology. This role will focus on bringing decentralized solutions to both traditional and novel financial needs via blockchain/DLT and DeFi tech and protocols and will be an integral part of the team doing general crypto platform design, development, and integration.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and implement crypto systems, integrate with various blockchains, layer 2's, etc. to drive new user-facing DeFi powered fintech features in our wallet, kiosk, and web integrated platform

  • Make key architectural and technology decisions, particularly crypto/DeFi related, to foster a codebase that encourages both rapid development velocity and high code quality

  • Understand and implement security and data protection in a comprehensive fashion, in individual smart contracts as well as across systems

  • Coordinate cross-functionally to ensure project meets business objectives and compliance standards

  • Provide mentorship to your peers in the broader engineering team

Required Qualifications

  • 2+ years of direct experience building smart contracts or demonstrated codebase contributions related to smart contract analysis, auditing, design, and implementation

  • 3+ years of hands on experience in a production environment with one or more of: blockchain and DLT; consensus protocols; distributed systems; applied cryptography; fintech products or services

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Passion for DeFi and blockchain technology, and have experience with Ethereum and layer 2 solutions, as well as 2nd/3rd gen blockchain and DLT like Cardano, Stellar, Polkadot, Matic/Polygon, etc.

  • Experience analyzing, designing and implementing smart contracts and DeFi protocols. Smart contract experience with solidity is expected. Additional experience with other smart contract languages and platforms, and open source or other reviewed and viewable contributions highly valued.

  • Experience with multiple development languages and able to quickly pick up and master new languages, tech stacks, and other technical and industry knowledge.

  • Experience designing, implementing, and using RESTful and/or GraphQL APIs

  • A passion for user experience and blockchain technology

  • Keep up to date on emerging technologies in general and are constantly thinking about potential applications. You have open source contributions and connections.

  • Comfortable with ambiguity. In fact, you thrive in the face of complex problems with no obvious solutions

  • Entrepreneurial at heart. You have a passion for making your ideas a reality, building prototypes and ultimately launching production-scale solutions in the market.

Preferred Qualifications

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