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Avian Update 24.01.2023

Hey everyone, we know it's been a while since you had an official update from us so we wanted to start the ball rolling again following team meetings we have been having these past 3-4 weeks along with our weekly discussions in between.

So here's what's going on:

1) We are continuing to have general meetings every Sunday to continue discussions around the future of AVN and get everything we need in place. This process hasn't been simple and is still ongoing as there is a lot to discuss but glad to say there is progress and a new structure already being formed.

2) We will be updating the AVN Roadmap soon once we get decisions and outputs from team/developer meetings. This will be based around achievable goals with the resources we have available and to work out what we will need.

3) Our whitepaper is in need of an update of who is on the team and also our long term goals and ambitions. A lot of talk is going on around the future of AVN and our core fundamentals so we are going to spend time doing a two pronged approach where we continue core wallet development but also are thinking, researching and building next generation technology to compliment the AVN ecosystem.

4) We have created new multisig wallets for Mainnet and Tesnet with 5x signatories (Craig, Furious, James, Junaid & Veljko). We would need a minimum of 3x signatories to process any transactions from the new multisig wallet to the treasury wallet where it will then be processed as the budget dictates. Test transactions and multi signing have gone well for both mainnet and testnet multisig wallets. (edited)

5) Regarding the old multisig wallet if Furious is able to assist or give us his private key we will be able to unlock all existing wallet dev fee's that have been building up and will transfer to the new multisig wallet. If he isn't able to those funds will essentially be burnt. This is due to Arkantik losing his key and Furious going silent, we hope Furious is okay and will come back to us to assist with unlocking or ideally be a regular member of the team.

6) The new Avian 4.2.0 wallet update will be mandatory for everyone once released to enforce the new multisig address change. The code has been updated with the new multisig wallet address. It has also been modified to ensure miners get TX rewards more fairly and they are not absorbed as a percentage of the dev fee. So expect to see a slight increase in miner TX rewards per block. We have tested this build on all platforms and is working well on all other than linux so we are just troubleshooting and once ready we will announce a release date and will be in touch with pool operators and exchanges along with the wider community so we can all update together.

7) Team Member Position Changes:

- Mt Ho is our new Lead for the Marketing department on our Core Team

-Robertt Bertton is the new Brand Manager on our Core Team and will also be managing Marketing members of Our Avian

- SteelNeil is our new Content Creator on our Core Team and will be managing the Content creators of Our Avian and also holding Social media responsibilities

- Crypto Cheif is our new Lead Moderator/Public Relations on our Core Team

- Nadji has joined the Our Avian Team as a Content Creator

- Nevrax has joined the Core Team as a Developer to work on AVN payment systems/acceptance (edited)

8) The launch of AVN Ambassadors managed by Robertt Bertton will be commencing in the next week. The initial candidates will be on trial and then limited down to 5 or so based on their performance. The idea of the program is to find Ambassadors in different regions with different language skill sets so we can get the AVN word out to non-English speakers and provide localised/regional content on what AVN is, how it can be used and mined etc. Their content will be posted using a range of different social media and other communities.

9) A lot of progress has been made the past 2 weeks by Junaid on our new AVN to WAVN automated wrapping procedure, this removes any manual work needed by the team to complete transactions. Once ready we will replace the existing portal and let you know. If there are any failed transactions they will be logged and handled manually, however the idea is to remove any manual processes wherever possible.

10) Transaction Too Large error, yes I am sure most of you have seen this before. It can become a pain when trying to send funds you have in your wallet but it won't let you. This is due to the wallet needing to be consolidated, by consolidating I mean gathering all the dust/small transactions and compacting them so they are easier to spend. We have a Python script called AVN Groomer that Craig adapted for us that works well however it requires some technical skill to run. Therefore we are currently looking into building this into our wallet so it can be used in the interface. So far GUI elements are in place we just need to finish the signing process and then we can push out as part of our next core wallet update. Essentially users will have to push one or two buttons and the wallet does the rest for you with no technical skills required. (edited)

11) With all the scams and wallet's being drained this past year on different chains we thought it would be a good idea to ensure that any new AVN wallets created are automatically encrypted when you set them up. So we are looking into adding this functionality in a future update.

12) We are also looking into adding a notification that will appear when you run your AVN core wallet so if we release an update it will prompt you to update. It won't update for you though for security, just remind you. Once this is tested and working we will roll out in a future update.

13) You may have noticed the new Help Guides on our AVN Discord channel, we have been creating these to help with the most asked questions and also good practices. Please check here if you are having trouble and if you can't spot something open a ticket and we will in turn update or create a new help guide to cater for any issues or common things pop up.

14) Be on the look out for spammers and scammers DM'ing you, if you suspect someone is a scammer or spammer please report to a team member on the Moderation/Public Relations team or any available Core Team member and we will take action.

15) HoiBoy will be looking into adding a Rain feature to Discord

16) We are going to review the current open vacancies we have on our website and will be adding/removing/updating based around what we will actually need to achieve our goals. There is still a strong recruitment push for C++ and blockchain development skills so if you have these or know someone that does please get in touch.

17) WAVN is now starting to show on some data aggregators such as Binance and CoinMarketCap, we are getting in touch with each to ensure information is correct and still following up on our AVN application for listing.

18) Balancing hashrate, as always please try and spread your hashrate around other pools that are hosting AVN so it's not all centralised in one place. If you are using the top pool for either algorithm consider switching pool.

19) We are still looking into developing and releasing dev fee free mining software to allow you to use software without losing out paying the software developer. You will still pay AVN dev wallet fee on each block but all your hashrate will be yours and not go to mining software developer.

20) AVN will also be starting it's AMA sessions again within the next month or so, we will keep you posted so we can get all your questions

21) As part of the Marketing push we will also be trying to output more content so ideas we have are making Training Video's from our Help Guides and also delivering more personal video updates/announcements in the near future.

22) We have our Blockchain John Twitch livestream arranged for Saturday 4th February @ 11am PST / 7pm GMT which will also be uploaded to Youtube so please tune in.

As you can imagine there is still a lot to achieve but the team are determined to keep working on AVN for our community, miners, investors and everyone that loves and supports AVN!

Thanks and for any questions please let us know.

Core Team,

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