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Game-Changing Native Ecosystem Applications! | Dev Update #4

On Sunday 23rd of October, we conducted a Discord call for our development update following the release of core wallet 4.1. It was quite a big update for the Avian Network with the activation of the 5% development fee and the activation of assets. This has been the second biggest release since Core wallet 3.0 and the algorithm swap where we introduced the dual algorithm mining setup for the network.

This development update is a breakdown of what tasks are being worked on by the core team and what is to come next for Avian. 1) The Core Wallet and Avian Groomer

“ We’re still going to work on the core wallet, the next update will be a bit more light with a QT update and possibly the integration of the groomer. We’re still unsure if the groomer will be released before 4.2.0 or included in 4.1.1, or not.”

A groomer is a tool that is currently released as a standalone tool that helps miners reduce all the small transactions received into the wallet and prevents them from sending big amounts of $AVN at once. This tool is quite helpful to clean the transactions and regroup them into bigger ones. As it stands the core team is working on integrating this tool within the core wallet to help efficiently manage transactions.

2) Avian Network Web Application

“ Our web wallet is currently a work in progress, we have mostly finished the design (user interface) part and will move towards the development phase. It will consist of multiple pages: home, wallet, transactions, NFT collection, and assets.
The NFT collection page will be for all the official Avian Network NFT collections, all of them will be displayed by default and if you own one of them it will be shown in full colors. In other cases, it will be grayed out.
The asset page will be very user-friendly, something pretty straightforward and close to the experience you can have on OpenSea. You’ll be able to find a page for single mints, one for multi mints, and the last one, which will come at a later date, will allow you to do random mints, something like a loot box. ”

Log In | Web Application

The Avian Network Web Application is going to be a game changer for the network and is the beginning of a set of native ecosystem tools that will help Avian flourish into the mainstream and compete with some of the more established blockchains.

The first priority of the application is to focus on superior usability through simple, user-friendly experiences. The goal is to have beginners easily access the network's functionality by minimizing interactions with the core wallet. Making it easier for non the crypto-savvy to understand the tools we have available and take advantage of our networks’ automation tools (AFP), interoperability (WAVN), and asset minting and management experience (N/FTs).

Home Page | Web Application

The home page will feature all the $AVN coin data for the network collected in one location, the chart below will graphically display the $AVN coin price.

Dashboard | Web Application

The dashboard will be where the user can get an overview of their most recent transactions, and assets purchased or owned. The graph on this page will display the value of the portfolio over a period of time.

Wallet | Web Application

The wallet page is where you can transact with your $AVN, view totals, and wrap and unwrap your $AVN on the Polygon blockchain (automation under development). Basic wallet functionality.

Asset — Single Mint | Web Application

The asset section will have 3 options single, multi and random mint. This is the biggest feature that will help Avian stand out and be the beginning of proving our dominance in the asset-minting marketplace. Single mint will allow users to mint a single piece of media in any given quantity (supply). Some customizability features include the asset name, description, ability to add a link, quickly create collections for media and label a rarity and quantity of mint.

# Here it’s important to note that we have done away with technical fields that are available on the core wallet but not critical, technical terminology that is complicated for beginners, grouped functions onto one page, and made the process more visual and simpler to make it easier for beginners to start minting their own assets (N/FTs). We also plan on implementing a variable cost calculator on the right that will guide the user on the total cost of minting various assets and collections, this will simplify the numbers and allow users to perform all functions in one transaction. The whole purpose of this application is to manage complicated functions on the backend to make Avian Networks' flagship experience stand out as a superior alternative to competitors.

Asset — Multi Mint | Web Application

Multi mint will allow users to mint multiple pieces of media with different names, descriptions, rarities, and quantities (supply).

# The random mint page is yet to be designed due to its complicated nature. It will essentially let users import thousands of images that are randomly generated like major existing NFT collections already operate. It will take advantage of a predetermined file and naming structure that will be automatically detected by the application to make it easier for newer users to generate 10,000 art piece collections and mystery/loot boxes.

NFT Collection & Overlays | Web Application

The NFT collection page will feature all of the native network NFT collections and artworks. Assets that you don't own will be greyed out to differentiate them from your portfolio. The card to the right will default to a filter unless a specific NFT is selected which will change the card to a viewfinder allowing users to get a closer look at the artwork.

History | Web Application

The history page will show a collection of all past transactions, icons will differentiate asset and $AVN transactions, labels can be customized and transaction values will also be displayed in fiat.

*** These screenshots of the UI are not set in stone and be altered in the development phase until the final release ***

3) Avian Network One-Click Miner

“ We’ve seen quite a lot of centralization on mining pools, our idea is to create something similar to a one-click mining software specific to Avian network mining. It will allow you to select either CPU mining, GPU mining, or both. The plan would be to essentially get the software to talk to the API and see which pool doesn’t have a lot of hashrate, to recommend them, and to avoid those which have a lot. It will give users all the pool details like fees, minimum payment, etc…
If your pool is not in the list of selectable pools you can make a request and we’ll add it, the same applies to pools that close AVN mining, we’ll disable it. There will be no dev fee in that mining software like you can find in Trex miner or any mining software you can out there.”

Focusing on building the mining software is a way for us to help the health of the network and decentralize it further. Some pools have been making it quite difficult for us so far and it will be a way for the team, not to control the network but to guide miners in understanding that it’s important to avoid pools with more than 50% of the network hashrate. This will also help smaller pools to expand their activity on Avian Network, incentivizing pools to include $AVN to their roster.

The initial plan was to either embed the miner into the wallet or build it as a standalone, with recent team discussion, we have chosen to push the miner as a standalone to avoid making our Core wallet too heavy and possibly causing complications.

Avian Network One-Click Miner Application

*** These screenshots of the UI are not set in stone and be altered in the development phase until the final release *** 4) Asset Explorer

“ We’re currently working on the asset explorer. There are 2 explorers that are being worked on at the moment, the standalone explorer is just for assets, as well as our main explorer with the integration of assets into it. Hopefully, we can release one of them relatively soon.
Saying that we are evaluating our current explorer that we are using due to the limitations and issues because of how they work. We’ve found inconsistencies across the 3 explorers we are running (EU, NA, and Asia) mainly because of the way it’s extracting the information out of the RPC calls and putting them into their own standalone database.”

Side Notes and Information

“ Some people were asking if there will be more exchanges soon, there will not be one since it’s not our main priority at the moment. It took us quite a lot of time to have the funds to get listed on Dex-Trade and it was a goal for us for a few months. We do believe that with current exchanges accepting AVN, it offers enough options to everyone. More exchanges will come in the future.
Lastly, in 2023, we will build our own Avian NFT marketplace, that way everyone in search of NFTs or assets, who wants to sell them or who wants to buy official Avian NFTs, will be able to do so on that platform.”

# The main intent behind the DEXTrade listing was to get on a reputable exchange that had good integration on large data aggregators to help provide better $AVN trading data on the aggregators that we’re listed on. Besides that, we wanted to get listed on a top exchange with a high trust score which would provide a safe and reputable marketplace for the $AVN coin as we grow and head into 2023 building out the ecosystem. We also prioritized good UI which would offer a better experience to the expanding community. Not to mention a huge portfolio of coins to trade which would allow our traders a lot of flexibility, and offer great opportunities for us to expand our trading pairs in the future. Lastly, we wanted an exchange with a lot of users that would give us ready access to hundreds of thousands of users for future marketing opportunities and collaboration with the platform for major future application and tool releases which could prove to be quite beneficial as we grow.

With all these ticked for the time being, the foundation is near complete. If needed we can work on exchange listing in the future based on the need for strategic growth. It's time to put our heads down and build. 2023 is the year we build above the foundation, a full stack of applications and tools that help improve usability and expand the tools that people can use to build on the Avian Network. Follow us on all our social media platforms to stay updated, and join our Discord server to engage in discussion about the future of the network:

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