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Increase Crypto Mining Profitability By Dual Mining on Avian Network

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The word itself suggests a lot. Dual algorithm mining helps you make more coins with a computer system that has both GPU and CPU processors. Dual algorithm mining became extremely popular in 2022 as the miners started learning the benefits of utilizing the maximum available resources in a computer system.

AVN ensures the balanced and consistent use of the X16RT GPU & MinotaurX CPU algorithms — guaranteeing equal rights of each community member to participate in block production. This results in increased user control and censorship resistance in the issuance and governance of digital assets. You can take advantage of both the processors existing in the same system and start earning more coins. MinotaurX CPU algorithm is so lite that you can even begin mining it on a simple dual-core processor laptop or desktop. $AVN, Avian Network coin is one such coin that uses cutting-edge technology which makes it possible to mine the $AVN coin with the GPU and CPU Processor. $AVN is the first in the race to explore the concept of mining the same coin on both GPU and CPU, and later other developers started adopting the system.

MinotaurX and X16RT are the two algorithms used for mining the $AVN, the Avian Network Coin. MinotaurX uses a CPU processor for Mining $AVN and the X16RT algorithm uses GPU Processor for mining $AVN.

You can also take advantage of parallel mining of two different cryptocurrencies. You can reserve CPU for MinotarX to mine $AVN and simultaneously mine some other coins on your GPU like ETH, FLUX, ZIL, UBQ, RVN, etc.

Our algorithm is an opportunity to get two different coins mining at the same time using a single of hardware, and the advantage of this method makes it more attractive to all miners. It’s also important to understand that dual mining generates two different cryptocurrencies. Miners will need to make two separate wallets to collect their earnings based on the coins being mined and the networks they’re running on. On the other hand, if you choose to mine the $AVN on both GPU and CPU in dual mining, there is no need for two wallet addresses. You may want to create two wallets to distinguish between $AVN earnings from GPU and CPU.

Let’s get dual mining, what are you waiting for!

Learn how to mine $AVN on GPU (Windows):

For more help with mining, join our Discord:

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Written and Directed by @grmane#3451 on Discord

Co-Written, Edited and Designed by @Tsunami🌊#0736 on Discord

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