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The New Avian Network 4.0 Wallet Release

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Avian Network v4.0.0.0–42e9a3a2d core wallet enables users to receive, store, and transmit $AVN with the software and can hold the full blockchain rather than just a portion of it.

Why should I use Avian ($AVN) Core Wallet?

  • Complete validation by verifying the validity of every block and transaction it accepts. Avian ($AVN) not only increases user security but also helps prevent miners from seizing control of the network.

4.0 core wallet blocks loading screen

What happens when Avian ($AVN) is transferred to a wallet?

  • The wallet software enables you to communicate with the balances kept on the blockchain, where the coins are stored.

  • The wallet itself stores addresses, enables its owners to transfer Avian ($AVN) to new addresses and makes it possible for others to view the balances kept at each address.

View all your transactions in one place

What are the significant differences between the Avian Network core wallet 3.1.1 and 4.0 versions?

  • Request your payments with Avian ($AVN) on the 4.0 Wallet

  • You can easily manage your transactions and view labels with icons

  • Significant improvement to user experience and UI with the new Avian brand

  • Available both, in light and dark mode

  • Faster syncing of blocks and visible loading progress so you know exactly where you’re at

  • Latest exchange price updates

  • Shows how much $AVN you are holding in USD and other currency units; instantly converting it with the current exchange price

  • Secure your wallet using a seed phrase

  • You can now mint assets (NFTs) on the 4.0 core wallet test-net

  • Enabled Avian Flight Plans (AFP) on test-net; A scripting language based on the Lua VM for Avian with RPC support

Preview of 4.0 core wallet ‘Balances’ section

Preview of all the custom currency units

Watch the below video to see the differences between the Avian core wallet V3.0 and V4.0 wallets, as well as a preview of some Avian Flight Plan (AFP) codes.

few feature highlights of the new 4.0 wallet release

You can download the new 4.0 wallet if you don't already have the Avian Network core wallet installed, or would like to upgrade from a previous version here:

See you in our new control center 😉

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