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Community Engagement Manager

As a community engagement manager, you will be responsible for building relationships between Avian Network and the communities we serve.

You will be tasked with developing programs that help build trust between our organization and the community. This includes being a public face that organizes events that incentivize attendance and bring the community together and strategizing ways to boost social media engagement and interest from other builders and content creators in the space. You will work on not only engaging the community in all forms through various programs and events but developing relationships with professionals in the space on behalf of the Network.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with other team members, organizations, builders, and content creators to plan community events

  • Conducting community needs assessments to determine areas of need in the community

  • Coordinating with media outlets and creators in the industry to promote community events

  • Creating community outreach plans that engage the community in programs designed to meet specific needs in the community

  • Developing relationships with community leaders to build support for community initiatives

  • Planning and coordinating activities that promote community involvement through activities like challenges, games, streams, features in videos, podcasts, blogs, live streams, and more

  • Coordinating volunteer programs and managing volunteers to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities

  • Initiating, developing, and maintaining relationships with builders, influencers, donors, and volunteers to ensure the continued support for the organization

Required Qualifications

First and foremost, we look for passion and an existing portfolio of work to join the core marketing team. Share your past experiences in managing communities that demonstrate skills in communication, public relations, and engaging with stakeholders. Prove your skill through your work and dedication to your craft! That's the type of individual we're looking for in this role. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

As a community engagement manager you will need to possess the following skills to be successful at Avian Network:

Communication: Communicate with a variety of stakeholders, including community members, volunteers, staff, and other managers. Effective communication is crucial to building trust, maintaining open lines of communication, and ensuring everyone understand the goals of the organization. You will also communicate with community members and volunteers to understand their needs and concerns and develop strategies to address them.

Teamwork: Your role is a team effort, and the role of a community engagement manager requires working with a variety of stakeholders. As a community engagement manager, you may work with a team of community organizers, various department managers, volunteers, and other professionals to develop and execute community engagement strategies.

Problem-solving: You will often work with a team of other professionals to develop and execute community engagement initiatives. This role requires problem-solving skills to address challenges that arise during the planning and implementation of these projects. For example, if an initiative doesn’t meet its engagement goals, a community engagement manager might work to develop a new strategy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Time management: You will often have multiple projects and tasks to complete within a certain time frame. Having strong time-management skills can help them prioritize their work and ensure they meet deadlines. You may also use your time-management skills to delegate tasks to other members of the team, like the marketing specialist, designers, and copywriter.

Public speaking: Public speaking is a necessary skill as you'll often present to community members on streams, AMAs, stakeholders, and other employees. You should be able to speak clearly and confidently about your organization’s goals and initiatives. They should also be able to answer questions from the audience/ community.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A 2 or 4-year degree, associate or bachelors in a related field, such as public relations, communications, or community development.

  • Certifications, and course work from online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Linkedin learning, and more

These are impressive and may help you stand out in a specific area, but are not required. Existing work and experience in managing actual communities are more critical than a certification.

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