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Community Moderators

Seeking for multiple community moderator who will maintain an environment where community members share and exchange ideas, questions, concerns and contribute resources that benefit both the community and the acquisition workforce as a whole. As such, the moderators has three primary roles--community facilitation and engagement, content engagement, content management and governance.

You will work in collaboration with Platform Managers and the Community Manager.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Moderates 2 to 3 social platform such as Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, etc.

  • Helps populate the social platforms with content by mapping member-contributed knowledge objects to the appropriate areas within the context of the organizing framework.

  • Encourages members to converse with others within the community.

  • Initiates personal contact with community members to generate interest.

  • Monitors conversations and works to manage any inappropriate content.

  • Provides technical mining support to community members.

  • Nurtures members by inspiring engagement and removing any obstacles.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with moderation (forums, blogs, social media, etc).

  • High level of written communication skills.

  • Readiness to review and remove highly sensitive and offensive content.

  • Strength in conflict resolution and diffusing tense situations.

  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment involving multiple online platform applications.

  • Capable of building strong relationships with colleagues.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Communication : Your communication skills to interact with community members and team members will be the key for this position. You also might have to be disciplinarian who enforce the rules of online spaces. The ability to think critically, emphasize with others and act rationally and fairly in tough situations.

  • Active listening : The ability to hear and understand what the community is saying will be very important. This will help you to better comprehend your audience’s needs and expectations. You can also use this skill to help them better understand the tone of a message and to help them to respond appropriately.

  • Empathy : Being able to acknowledge other person’s perspective is an important skill to have when interacting with community members. It will help you understand the emotions of others and answer accordingly.

  • Time management : As a social media moderator, you may have many tasks to complete each day, so time management skills can help you meet our expectations. For example, you may need to check and respond to comments on several social media platforms throughout the day. Time management can benefit you to stay focused on your tasks and complete them in a timely manner.

  • Research : Having strong research skills to keep up with the latest trends is important. You should be able to research topics and hashtags to ensure you are aware of the content you’re moderating.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred.

  • Being multilangual is a must.

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