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Marketing Specialist

We are looking for an ambitious marketing specialist to be responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our marketing strategy. You will focus on creating, implementing, tracking, and optimizing our digital and traditional marketing campaigns across various marketing channels.

To be successful as a marketing specialist, you must be highly self-motivated, proactive, and have a working knowledge of current marketing tools and strategies to execute successful marketing campaigns.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing marketing plans

  • Undertaking competitor research and analyses

  • Conducting market research to establish customer trends and habits

  • Establishing goals and objectives to reach our customers through appropriate marketing channels (digital and traditional)

  • Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers through prospecting and networking, in collaboration with our community engagement manager

  • Promoting brand awareness through marketing efforts, in collaboration with our brand manager

  • Creating marketing materials for our website and other marketing platforms, in collaboration with our, social media manager, copywriter, and visual designer

  • Supporting the marketing team with marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas, including optimization, advertising, social media, direct marketing, and event planning

  • Assisting with the analyses of marketing data, including campaign results, conversion rates, and online traffic to improve future marketing strategies and campaigns

  • Performing other duties when needed, flexibility

Required Qualifications

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access)

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Expertise in CRM and CMS software

  • Experience using analytics software

  • Expert SEO skills

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A competitive Marketing Specialist will have certain skills and qualifications, including:

  • Excellent analytical skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, attention to detail for precise analysis of data

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work under pressure and motivation to succeed in a competitive environment

  • Ability to work with teams and collaborate

  • Excellent leadership and managerial skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Time management and multitasking skills with the ability to prioritize tasks

Preferred Qualifications

  • A 2 or 4-year degree, associate or bachelor's in journalism, marketing, communications, or a related field

  • American Marketing Association, Professional Certified Marketer

  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS

  • Certifications, and course work from online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Linkedin learning, and more

These are impressive and may help you stand out in a specific area, but are not required. Existing work and experience in managing actual communities and projects are more critical than a certification.

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